Teaching Online

Online learning is often perceived as being lonely and isolating but it most definitely doesn’t have to be this way. Teachers now have so many online platforms and tools to engage and inspire students and it is us teachers who have the power to change these outdated views into ones that make students feel excited, not worried, about learning online.

Increase confidence and become an expert in teaching online

There are multiple courses on how to use Microsoft Teams, but what about how to teach with Teams? Knowledge of learning theories, strategies, activities, engagement, and safeguarding all need careful consideration when adapting Teams from its original use as a business platform and applying it in an educational environment.

Do you want to know how to set up your class and keep your Teams page private from students until you are ready to share? Do you want to know the pros and cons of different PowerPoint delivery methods? Do you want to know how to set up Class Notebook and get some suggestions on how to set up activities for students using the collaboration area and teacher only space?

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How about some ideas on how to differentiate using the files tab, or using some free tech tools to vary your delivery? Are you worried about the lack of privacy when using Microsoft Forms and want to know a quick and easy solution to hide results from students? If you want to know any of this then why not register on my latest course – Teaching with Microsoft Teams: Engage and Inspire.

For a quick taster of what the course involves, see some examples of the video lectures by clicking the image below

There really is so much more to Teams than meets the eye, so come and join me and take a look!
Click here to be taken to ‘Teaching with Microsoft Teams: Engage and Inspire’ where you can access all the lectures and multiple handouts to support you in mastering Teams like a pro!