Laura Nicholson May 2019 (updated Oct 2020)

Online teaching activities and strategies

Face to face teaching activities and how to adapt with technology

Click on any of the images below to view traditional face to face teaching activities, with ideas on how to adapt using online tech tools.

There are 6 categories, each with different activities. If you are looking for activities that check recall, just click the ‘6 ways to remember’ image. Alternatively, if you are looking for teaching activites which require your students to analyse, click the ‘6 ways to analyse’ image. Althogether, there are six different levels to choose from: recall tasks, understanding activities, applying information, analysing, evaluating or creating a practical project.

A mind map with 6 ways to remember. Teaching activities highlighted are flashcards, timelines, definitions, video question and answer, headlines and true/false quizzes
Activities for recall
A mind map with 6 ways to understand. Teaching strategies highlighted are Five W's, graphic organisers, story builder, presentations, comic strip and jigsaw method
Activities to develop understanding
A mind map with 6 ways to apply. Teaching tools highlighted are mood boards, optimist and pessimist, case studies, field trips, inference and deduction, transcribe and relate
Activities to apply information
A mind map with 6 ways to analyse. Teaching tools highlighted are debates, worksheets, t chats or venn diagrams, surverys and polls, classifications and ethical considerations.
Activites to develop skills of analysis
A mind map with 6 ways to evaluate. Teaching tools highlighted are escape room, reverse case study, hoax design, past artefacts, then and now, concusions.
Activities to evaluate information
A mind map with 6 ways to create. Teaching tools highlighted are ill structured problems, problem based learning, enter a contest, promotional stalls and create a country.
Activites for creating an end product