Laura Nicholson – May 2019

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Click on any of the images below to view traditional teaching activities with over 50 examples of how to enhance with technology.

mind map showing 6 ways to remember: flashcards, timelines, definitions, video question and answer, headlines and true/false. click the image to access more information
mind map shhowing 6 ways to understand: five w;s, graphic organiser, story builder, jigsaw method, comic strip and presentations. click image to access
mind map showing 6 ways to apply: mood boards, optimist and pessimist, case studies, field trips, inference and deduction and transcribe and relate. click to acccess
mind map showing 6 ways to analyse: debates, anayse this worksheets, t chart and venn diagrams, surveys and polls, cassify me and ethical considerations. click for more information.
mind map showing 6 ways to evaluate: escape room, reverse case study, hoax design, past artefacts, then and now, conclusions. click to access
mind map showing 6 ways to create: ill structured problems, problem based learning, theme parks, promotional stalls and create a country. click image for more information.

Teaching with Technology

This website matches a multitude of free online technology tools to traditional teaching activities. To make the implementation of technology more straightforward, I have also created and uploaded free handouts for practitioners to use for themselves, or to give out to students to support their use of the tools.

Watch this space – I am also currently working on developing some stand-alone game-based platforms for teaching practitioners. My first task is to update an old Blockbusters PowerPoint game by rewriting it in Articulate Storyline, see how I’m getting along in the video below.

Click on any of the ‘Remember’,Understand’, ‘Apply‘, ‘Analyse’, ‘Evaluate’ or ‘Create’ images above, to view ideas on how to enhance lessons with technology.

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